Urban Barrels was formed by two brothers focused on creating innovative and exciting solutions to the growing problem of the immense amount of waste sent to landfills everyday . With a lifelong connection to the ocean, the brothers aim to create unique and high quality accessories that take use of fabrics and materials that have the full range of function to be repurposed. 

Unique Accesories. Built for Adventure. 

Urban Barrels launched the SailstoStuff Recycling Program in 2014 on Kickstarter. With it came the invention of The BagTowel, The Ultimate Adventue Bag. Urban Barrels is at it again in a call to grow the recycling initative with a new product for the weekend adventurer. The Sail Blanket, The Ultimate Adventure Blanket. 

@urbanbarrels  |  www.urbanbarrels.com

Press coverage
"Imagine an old sail from a sail boat was magically turned into a backpack. Now imagine that backpack magically turns inside out to be a towel. It’s The BagTowel!"
Finally, A BagTowel
Stay Wild MAgazine - August 01, 2016
"Urban Barrels is about finding what lights you up inside and tapping into that feeling whenever and wherever you are."
Flat or Firing | Stay Barreled
The Inertia - May 09, 2015
"The BagTowel is a backpack with a cotton beach towel sewn inside and a waterproof pocket made from recycled sailboat sails."
Brothers Kickstart The BagTowel
SMDP - October 05, 2014
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