Purveyor of RAD #0002

Purveyor of RAD #0002  Steve Gaskin   Insta: stevenjay

We first met Steve back in May when a group of us got together to chase surf at sunrise for 30 days in a row.  Steve is a super talented guy, a bit of a renaissance man.  Under all of these layers of RAD, he is one of the most genuine and humble guys we know.  It's a pleasure to share his story and photography with you here.  Check him on instagram or hang out by the Venice Beach Pier at sunset.  I'm sure he will sign your lens for you.

Where are you from originally? 

 St. Louis, Missouri. I've been in Los Angeles for 12 years, following pit stops in Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, and Colorado.  


If you could interview one person, who would it be? 

Mike Tyson. He's one of the most interesting people to walk the planet.


I've noticed you have a lot of photos of the sunset, and they're so damn good.  Is there something specific that draws you to photographing the sunset?

thank you! i'm really drawn to sunsets. there's something amazing about watching the sky light up and fade out before darkness falls. i'm lucky to live and work in a place where i can catch them all the time. 



Trip you've been on:   

bali. every day, i'd wake up, surf, buy two curry plates for lunch for $6, surf some more, then eat, drink, and dance until bedtime. it's as close to paradise as i've ever been.


Place to take photos: 

i'd have to say venice beach, based on proximity. i do shoot a lot there. but one of my favorite places i've taken the camera is along the great ocean road in australia. in the course of a few hours, i saw all sorts of great beaches, waterfalls, rock formations, and of course, koalas and kangaroos.



"my style is impetuous! my defense is impregnable!" - iron mike 


Least Favorites:


any song that includes the line, "i came in like a wrecking ball."


Type of transportation:   

3rd-world chicken buses. or cabs in LA traffic. both move slightly faster than walking.



orange juice, right after brushing my teeth.


Where do you live now?  

marina del rey, ca.


Is it RAD? Why / Why Not?

it's the raddest. tasty waves, sand, and sunsets. it's a quieter, less hip venice.


Any other projects we should check out? 

JEFF.Y.I., a 10-minute weekly comedy podcast I do with my brother:



my photo website:



my instagram: stevenjay




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Helen MacDonell

What is Rad #0002?? Beautiful photos and great appreciation of the wonder’s of God’s creations. Does he have a family?

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