Day Twenty | 30 Days of DAWN

It's been a great run thus far. Twenty days down, ten more Dawn days to go. DAWN has been a run of highs and lows. Starting with the low this morning one of the dawn patrollers was struck by a sting ray and was sidelined for a few hours. Lucky there were LA County Lifeguards there to assist. The highs are good, real good. Let's go bullet points for these.

  • Malibu looked like Mentawais last week
  • Venice Pier Jump (Stay Pissed, Locals only)
  • Cappuccino sessions post dawn patrolling
  • @ragehorn got really barreled
  • During flat spell days 15-20 we figured out how to stay barreled
  • Lockooooo 
  • DBreezy business development for Backpacks with Towels sewn inside
  • Les Mo going over the falls are coming up smiling
  • Gabriels general stoked look the first 15 days
  • Everyone who surfaced for a salty start to the day

Here are some moments from the first 20 Days of DAWN. Join us for a session, 10 more days to go. Click here to join the DAWN Party. 





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