Chaharshanbe Souri - 'Festival of Fire' Barrels

Cultures thrive on the arrival of festivals. Carnivale is one of the largest cultural festivals celebrated around the world. Anyone who has experienced Carnivale can attest to the amount of energy and excitement it brings to community. Each year in March, Iranians celebrate Chaharshanbe Souri, a fire jumping festival celebrating the end of winter and beginning of spring.

"Iranians of all ages light bonfires, set off firecrackers and dance in streets, parks and other public." In the midst of all the celebration, we found some amazing Urban Barrels. 


In The Barrel

Don't try this one at home

Tunnel Vision


Pure Stoke

In the Barrel


Surfers celebrate the arrival of new swells during the changing seasons. With this excitement of new swell, changing seasons also provide what surfers hate most, dry spells. We all know this pain, as surfers it is something we have to coup with. Below are some photos of our friends celebrating and healing the pain. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing there are always ways to celebrate the feeling, we just have to get a little creative and weird.

Changing seasons. Photos (via instagram)







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