Urban Barrels on the North Shore

Closest Were Getting to Pipe


We had been talking about a trip for a while, escaping the small beach breaks in La for a week to surf fun waves in warm water. We hopped on a flight from LA to Oahu and had an epic week.

Surf was fun, water was warm, rum guavas were flowing all week long. We had a great pad in Pupukea. Stayed with a good friend Karen who is one of the kindest ladies we know. Spent a lot of time exploring Oahu. Met some great people out there. Dane Grady shot us surfing and got some great photos of the BagTowel with our friend and total babe, Nina.


Here are some photos from the trip. Enjoy!




 Log Cabins



Photo of the Trip

'The BagTowel'

'The Dawn'


'The Cruiser'

Nina rocking 'The BagTowel'



Nina getting to the Towel

Bag + Towel

L->R (JP, Matt, Andi, Mat, Nina)



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