Purveyor of RAD #0007

Purveyor of RAD #0007 Anthony Renna

Instagram: @anthonyrenna



We ran a contest on our Instagram feed a couple months back. Best comment wins an Urban Barrels Hat. Check out the winning comment below by Anthony Renna. We checked out his feed, stumbled to his website, and landed on his portfolio. His photos are RAD and you can tell he loves to take Renna was has been taking some incredible photos in and out of the water. Capturing perfect waves and beautiful landscapes. When Southern California shows off like it did last week, Renna is always there to capture the moments.

'Usually lunch is at Subway not Tahiti' 


We asked Anthony a few questions about his passion for shooting stills in Southern California. Check out the interview below.


Where are you from: Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County. CA

Inspiration: I draw inspiration from locations I see through other photographs. Coming from Orange County it's hard to capture raw nature. So seeing images captured in raw nature inspires. Also I find inspiration in other hard working photographers. They show me passion and hard work pays off by having the picture you've wanted come to life. 
Selfies: Hell yeah take selfies, you're gonna be old and ugly one day! Unless you're old and ugly now, I guess either way turn on that front facing camera! and snap away 
Photograph one person: Oh this ones tough. I would have to say Dane Reynolds. The dude rips. 
Trip: Italy when I was 12 years old. It's super rad to see all my family there. Oh also to gain 20 pounds in delicious homemade Italian food! 
Favorite place to take photos: Laguna Beach, CA. When I'm not being chased out by groms and family play days at the beach haha.
Saying: What do you gotta lose?! 
Least Favorites: 
Song: I can't really dislike any song to tell you the truth, I can get down to anything!
Transportation: The bus because it always takes so long to get where you wanna be. I would just imagine on the way to the beach all the waves I'm missing while that old guy took forever to get on. 
Drink: Black Coffee. Taste like dirt! 
Live now: I'm still living in Rancho Santa Margarita, I would say it's rad. All my buddies live here, we do the best with that we got! 
Looking forward: I'm looking forward to all the new relationships I will build through my work and passion in 2014. I've met some really awesome people in the water and out while shooting. Photography can really bring people together to capture memories and also share some and that's what it's all about. 
Anthony Renna. Purveyor of RAD #0007
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  • Anthony Rennas photography is absolutely stunning!

    • Jan Eckford
  • Anthony Rennas photography is absolutely stunning!!

    • Jan Eckford