Where there's a will, There's a WAY JOSE: Purveyor of RAD #0010

We first met Danny D, the man, mind and talent behind this exciting musical project out of San Francisco, back in 2006.  He got on a plane headed for Los Angeles with songs in his heart and drumsticks in his hand.  It's been an enlightening and wild ride that has culminated in the introduction of a new philosophy in the making, recording and delivery of a musical experience that we can't get enough of.  We're honored, proud and stoked to share Way Jose. 


Where are you from originally? 

The Greater Philadelphia area.  

Talk to us about San Francisco.  How has that city influenced you?

To me San Francisco is a melting pot for the brightest light, the darkest dark, and the weirdest weird. Living here has been a challenge, but in a beautiful way. I can safely say that I'm a stronger person than I was before I took this crazy trip. Still might have to trade my ticket for that Southern California weather before too long, though...

If you could interview one person today, who would it be?

Daniel Day-Lewis.


What is Way José and Stay in the Light all about?  

Way José is a different way of making music and art. Collaboration at its purest. Almost 40 artists have contributed their love and talents to this project. 5 amazing directors will make 5 completely unique music videos for the 5 songs on this EP before it's all said and done. Stay in the Light has become a sort of personal mantra for me. The dark is essential of course, but these days I'm enjoying the struggle to follow that light...

How has it evolved over the two years you have been working on it?

It evolves each time a new hand touches it. Every song on the record was written on a different instrument and consequently colored in by a bunch of remarkable musicians, poets, and thinkers. Our course changes each and every time a new dreamer comes aboard and shares their own vision of what it can be. Quite the inspiring ride! 

It sounds like collaborations with artists was really important for the album.  How did you find the artists that shared their talents on the record?

Love is the answer! They're all people that I love, admire and trust on the personal level. Friends all over the country and even abroad contributed (some folks literally phoned in vocals). All of these compadres put a lot of trust in me as well, for which I am eternally grateful. The recording style was homegrown and unorthodox to say the least, but I think we found our Way!     

Are you doing any live shows?

Live shows have never been the focus of Way José (at least not yet). But there is a strong emphasis on interaction with the visual arts and with any person anywhere who digs the project. And we can't wait to share the music videos that are creeping in the wings! ALL of the visual artists involved--from killer CD art designer, Billy Simkiss; to brilliant photographer, Russie Sanders; to steady-handed poster man, James Shaff; and MANY more--have been a real blast to work with. 

Is there a specific show you are really excited about that we all need to be at?

Any time our mistress band Feather-Bright performs, it's a revelation. Look out this fall, West Coast! 

Where can we pick-up the album right now?

The album comes out on June 10th. You'll be able to find it here: http://wayjose.com/ as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.  


What is next for Way José? 

No one can know, really. He's a tough fella to pin down.

and a few favorites:
favorite drink

Bloody María, Brave Bull, and Juan Collins (in that order as the day progresses).   

favorite instrument


favorite cafe in SF

Fiore at 24th and Guerrero. 

and your Least Favorite: 
mode of transportation

Segway. If you ever catch me on one, push me off and beat me with it. 


With all due respect, Mr Stills: "And if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with." Nah.  

type of food





***Catch him getting his BARRELS below***
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