Introducing the Urban Barrels Wave

Greetings Barrel Chasers,

In light of Summer Solstice and International Surfing Day we would like to introduce the newest member of our team. 'The UB Wave'. We are stoked to bring the wave to your city and get spread the feeling of surfing.



Thanks to our incredibly engaging community we have been able to share the feeling of surfing with thousands of humans around the world. We created The BagTowel to give our community the ultimate product to get out there and find their barrel, wherever it may be.

The 'UB Wave' was built by an Italian American sculptor, Marco Cochrane, based in San Francisco. The Wave stands 12 ft tall, 10 ft wide, and 17ft long. The 'UB Wave' is lined with recycled plastic bottles and built for one purpose... TO GET YOU BARRELED! The recycled plastic bottles allow us to also share the importance of recycling our waste in hopes of keeping our playground clean.

Our plan is to bring this wave to your city this summer to get everyone and anyone barreled. 

Here are some photos of the UB Wave. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for this wave in your city!










Happy International Surfing Day. Now get out there and get barreled!

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Join our Instagram contest and win a BagTowel by tucking into the best Urban Barrel and tagging us @urbanbarrels #summerofbarrels. Contest ends Sunday 06/22. Happy Hunting!









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