Brandon Ciampanelli, Purveyor of RAD #0011

Brandon Ciampanelli. Rhode Island. Purveyor of RAD #0011.
It's safe to say the majority of those who have surfed a wave in their lifetime revisit that feeling at some point down the line. Whether it be on a hourly, daily, or weekly basis that feeling quickly becomes a forefront thought. Brandon Ciampanelli takes these moments, puts his pencil to a piece of paper, and creates one of a kind pieces of art. Brando is a surfer, artist, entrepenuer, and all-around RAD dude. Here is a closer look at his inspiration for drawing.
Where are you from Originally? 
North Providence, Rhode Island.
Where did you draw your inspiration for art? 
Being stuck in an office at my previous job, far from the ocean, really started to take a toll on me mentally. I was constantly day dreaming of all the surfing I could be doing and just started doodling on post it notes to pass the time. It gave me a creative outlet that I needed, and I started posting them on Instagram for fun. People were digging them and it snowballed into a bunch of creative projects that set the wheels in motion for Surf RI.
Can you explain to us what Surf RI is in a few sentences and what inspired you to create this awesome brand? 
Surfing in general is such an amazing feeling that only a small percentage of people ever get to experience, and Rhode Island is lucky enough to be a coastal state with plenty of ocean. Surf RI is meant to draw attention to all that our 'Ocean State' has to offer to the surfing world, and provide the local surf community a creative outlet to display their love for surfing through whichever medium they choose.
What is it you do when the surf is flat?
I love to longboard as much as possible, because it's the next best thing.
What is the longest period you have gone without being in the ocean?
With an ugly combination of working a full time job, mixed with a flat spell, I've probably gone a solid month without surfing. But, if it's summer, you can bet I'm at least diving in the ocean at some point.
Places to take photos 
Anywhere along the coast of Rhode Island.
Type of Music 
Pretty eclectic taste, but you can't go wrong with Oldies, Soul, and Rock and Roll.
"Whatever satisfies the soul, is truth."
Least Favorites:
Type of Food 
Sugary candy.
"Because, I said so."
Means of Transportation 
I don't like planes, mostly because I'm a control freak.
What are you most looking forward to in 2014?
Spending time with the people I care most about, and enjoying life.
Where do you live now?
Wakefield, Rhode Island.
Is it RAD? Why or Why not?
South County is definitely a RAD place to live. There's plenty of coastline with surf spots, hiking trails, restaurants and bars; all within a close proximity to a beach.

Check out Brando on Instagram: @Bciamp 


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