SERVING UP SERVIO: Purveyor of RAD #0012

SERVIO ANEZ. Purveyor of RAD #0012 

This week we are stoked to introduce Servio, our newest Purveyor of RAD and one of the master minds behind Akela Surf. Born in Venezuela, Servio grew up in a rich surf culture. He moved to Barbados and later on to Montreal, Canada to study business. Like many of us, Servio has adopted a connection to the ocean which is hard to put to words. A few years ago while living in Canada he met Annie, his wife and business partner. With their shared love for the ocean and surfing they created Akela Surf. We had the chance to Skype with him from his office in Canada. Check out the interview below. Enjoy!



Where were you born?

Servio: Caracas, Venezuela

Annie: Rimouski, QC, Canada

Where do you live now?
Part in Montreal, Canada and part in Barbados.
Tell us about Akela Surf. Where did the idea and inspiration to start a surf brand come from?
When Annie was pregnant, about 2 years ago, we started to create the Brand. We wanted to offer products that was more functional. fashionable. We also wanted to create pieces that respond to the need of what surfers really want. We were stuck in the apartment during a long winter. It was like jail!! We had so much time to think and work on it , so everything came together, the image, logo and design...
Can you explain the challenges of building a surf brand in Monteal Canada? 
It helped us to be different from the other Brands we encounter everyday, we are more influenced and driven by the urban and lifestyle show in our products. But on the flipside, it's really difficult to execute here with the limited resources and overall interest in surf culture. With all the social media, blogs, mags.. its definitely helping us to spread and share our vision and products.
You two have collaborated with brands in the past. How important is this for Akela?
To help each other to grown in a really competitive market. We don't want to be limited with only our idea, experience and creation. Aligning our brand and products with other brands with a similar vision is huge!
Akela connect surfers from different cultures. Venezuela, Barbados, Hawaii, California, etc. 
Which culture are you most intrigued by? Where do you draw most of your inspiration for product development and design?
It's a mix of everything, California, vintage, surf punk movement, and Barbados did influence us a lot with the tropical print, it's such a beautiful place and were alot came from on the design side. Honestly it all started with ideas in our landlocked apartment in Montreal, we didn't really know where it came from or where it was going, we just knew it was us and we loved drawing it up. Our goal is to be consistent and stay coherent as we build our brand, make it flow once it hangs in the stores. Also, we don't want to look like clown in the lineup! That's why we offer a lot of black/white products, it's classic and sophisticated. 
What's next for Akela? 
We are running a Kickstarter right now! Great for us to raise money so we can continue to create these products and build our brand. We would love to open a pop up shop in a recycled container. Stay tuned!! We are really intrigued now to go to California, we've seen a lot of opportunities there for our business to grown. 
Annie: Freight Bay, Barbados when is head high. 
Servio: South Point, Barbados
Annie: Sushi
Servio: Paella
Annie: books about design.
Servio: Seven habits for highly effective people
Surf Trip 
Annie: Anywhere warm and save for Kaiko!
Servio: Australia will be awesome!
Least favorites
Time of year
Annie: Winter in Montreal!
Servio: Winter in Montreal!
Annie: Bus
Servio: Car, when its Annie's brother!
Type of Music
Annie: Rave, ark!
Servio: Heavy Metal
Annie: horror movie like Hostel!
Servio: Girl love story movie

















Servio and Annie draw from their passion for the ocean and use their creativity and design backgrounds to create some unique products.

Head over to their site and check them out:  Akela Surf

Follow them on Instagram: @akelasurf



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