Ryan Lovelace: PURVEYOR OF RAD #0013


Living in Santa Barbara for many years now. Where do you feel most at home there or up in Seattle.

Santa Barbara for sure, its been about 10 years and I settled in for the long haul pretty early...I had a notion for a while that I might end up in the NW again one day, but thats about 99.9% faded away now...im more intent on getting my parents to retire down here instead! 

What was your first encounter with the ocean?

It would have likely been in hawaii at my grandparents house - those are my earliest memories of ocean time and waves.  I have some striking memories of the Washington coast as I got into my early teens. 

When did you learn how to surf?

I started attempting pretty early on once or twice a year for a long time, but I didn't get the opportunity to really surf full time until I moved to California when I was 18. 

What was the longest time you've been away from the Sea/Waves?

In my adult life, about three weeks over the holidays when I was in my first year of college...i remember getting photos of insane waves in santa barbara while I was away, and a few shots of my own boards broken in half by my buddies who had borrowed them...i could appreciate it, but it wasn't the most amazing three weeks, based on those memories. 

What do you like most about blogging?

the ability to be open and share what you're up to as much or as little as you'd like. 

What do you like least about blogging?

the way that tone can be misinterpreted over the internet - most of what I type anywhere is sarcastic, and that totally doesn't translate to everyone.  once I made a joke and said I was only shaping for celebrities from now on, and that I was on call for Oprah's personal quiver 24/7...a friend who i had recently fallen out with thought I was being serious and that I was a total dick! years later we cleared that one up.

Tell us about the time you spelt your name wrong signing your first board you shaped...

I was shaking when I signed my first board, I was so stoked and so giddy, the L's in my last name get kind loopy the way I sign, and I ended up looping three times...Ryan LoveLaLace I guess? 

What country are you most looking forward to seeing on your Shapetastic Voyage?

In the short term, Ireland is coming up soon and I'm beyond curious to see whats up there...in the longer term, J-Bay/South Africa is calling and I'm working out the details slowly...mostly figuring out who can go with me so I'm not by myself for what would surely be a memorable trip. 

When you hear Urban Barrels what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Giant spiraling concrete tubes. 

Who are your top 5 follows on Instagram?






You are handcrafting and inventing some of the most unique and versatile boards the surf industry has ever seen. What do you do to get in 'the zone' and shape these incredible boards.

wow thats a heavy statement!  if half of that is true I'm complete!

I like to put on some good music and just go for it - if I'm not in the zone or not really feeling it, by the time i've cut the blank down to length, skinned it, foiled it, and set the template down, I'm there.  the silence that all the noise of the planer and the repetition and familiarity of the motions sets me in the groove kinda...then i'm off and running.


Can you give us your HIGH and LOW of the day?

High, getting coffee or howling with herbie.  Low, migraines. 



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