The BagTowel Gets Funded!!

Our team would like to THANK each and everyone of you for backing the BagTowel on Kickstarter. Our vision for this product has been our focus and passion over the past year and now we STOKED to make this adventure bag and get it into your hands!!

Highlights during the Campaign:

  • We received over 300 backers
  • Raised over $20,000
  • We are making over 100 Barrel Chaser Packs
  • Last week during the campaign, Hurricane Marie blessed us with the swell of the century.
  • JP still has a car (The Golden Nugget)
  • Eric (Tall, Handsome Guy) will grow his beard out the rest of the year
  • Mat spelt DURABLE wrong on our first Kick-starter Flyer.. DURBABLE BagTowel

What's Next?

Right now, Kickstarter is processing all of the orders and we are getting everything ready to start making your BagTowel. We will be sending out a survey shortly to insure your order is correct and we have all the right shipping information. 

Get in There:

Our team will be sending out updates and filling you in on the steps behind making your BagTowel. We encourage everyone to stay engaged during this fulfillment period. We will be posting, sharing, and curating content through our social media to keep you updated. Share with us where you will take your BagTowel!!

Stay Barreled! 

Barrels and Ramblings 




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