Openers and Barrels

We would like to share with all of you some behind the scenes action from the making of The BagTowel Kickstarter video. Before we launched, we had the following 5 openers to choose from. What do you think? Did we choose the right one?! 

Urban Barrels Kickstarter Openers from Urban Barrels on Vimeo.


We are stoked to announce that all of the surveys were completed and your backer gifts are in motion. The Urban Barrels Stickers and 'Always Barreled' Hats are at the finish line and will be out to you soon. The BagTowels are in motion as well! We will have an update for you shortly including an introduction to our manufacturer and a look at how your adventure bag is built. 

We're so excited to share these and many more stories with you throughout this journey!

Stay Barreled Friends. 

Jp, Mat, and Eric

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