Nick Saxon, Purveyor of RAD #0014

Interview with Nick Saxon, Purveyor of RAD #0014

Singer, songwriter, world traveler, coffee junkie, and all around RAD human gives us a closer look at his passion for travel and adventure. 

Where are you from originally?

I grew up In Newcastle, but we spent heaps of time sailing & surfing up at the Myall Lakes & Soldiers point with my family and friends. 

If you could preform with one person who would it be? 

For music, Artists like Ben Harper & Cat Stevens were, and still are some of my favorite songwriters. I had "The Will too Live" and "Tea for the Tillerman" were two of my favorite. I was lucky enough to meet Harper twice, and he is a really nice dude. I also had a big punk rock phase during my high school years (which I think most of my mates did too). Joey Cape, lead singer of Lagwagon would be another guy i'd like to hang out with. 

As for surfing, I'd love to meet Rob Machado. His style has always been a huge influence on me. Not to mention his humanitarian work.

We've heard your songs, tell us what is the inspiration behind your music? 

Definitely people & travel. I've been to some of the most remote places on earth with my work at National Geographic. From Remote tribes of Papua New Guinea to dancing with Nepalese locals under Mt Everest. Travel and people are what inspire me. But in saying that, I always like to come home and hang out with my family and friends.. They are always supporting me and i'm super stoked I have them in my life.  

I just finished my brand new single called "Sherpa". I wrote it during my assignment in Nepal about a Sherpa I met on the Everest Hike. He really changed my perspective on things. You can check it on Youtube here -

When you hear Urban Barrels What is the first thing that comes to mind? 

I was instantly curious to see what it was about. I pictured Barrels around crazy places in the city.. Then i checked out your insta and its epic. Very creative ideas and expanding peoples perspective's on surfing. Concrete barrels are just as fun :) 

Tell us about your work with National Geographic.

Im a presenter on The National Geographic Channel on Foxtel. My show is called "World Traveller” Ive been to Papua New Guinea, Canada, the Rockys, Peru, Equador, Christmas Island, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, New York, Oman, Galapagos Islands and more. I always take my guitar on the trips and try to capture the journeys with music. There's so many forms of Inspiration when you constantly moving. And its hard to keep up. But its been amazing to meet so many amazing people in each place, who are doing incredible things for themselves and others around them. The world is an amazing place, so make sure you dont staY in the same spot for too long. Be a Vagabond, a drifter.. a World Traveller ;) You can check out my Journeys on my Youtube Channel here -


Trip you've been on: Nepal, it was on my 30th Birthday and I played a Impromptu gig at the Sir Edmund Hilary Primary School in front of a class of Nepalese Groms.

Place to perform: Depends on the crowd. Thats what makes a good gig. I just did a tour throughout Europe, playing 33 shows in 31 days across Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium & Switzerland. I documented the tour in a mini series called "33 in 31" -

Saying: "A man needs something he can hold on too. A nine pound hammer, or a woman like you. Either one of these things will do." (Ray Lamontagne)

Least Favorites: In PNG i got really Sick and almost had to be sent home. Cronic Sickness and Heat stroke at the same time. But there's still a reason to smile about it.

Activity: Working 9 - 5

Type of transportation:   Skateboard/ Tour Van

Drink:  I'm a coffee junkie, but love a good fruit smoothie

Where do you live now?  Nowhere really, wherever the van is parked, I call home. You can find me on the east coast somewhere ;)

Is it RAD? Why / Why Not? Its Mega RAD! life's what you make it. It wont last forever, so go outside and get lost.

Any other projects we should check There's heaps in the pipeline for 2015..More Documentary's, Overseas touring and a new EP.. but for now check out my Instagram for my next shows of the "Sherpa" single release tour on the east coast and come to a gig.. I'd love to meet you.






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