Story Time: Volume 1. Part 1

"The BagTowel Saved My Life" 


I have a radical success story involving the BagTowel.  I was at Twin Lakes Beach in Santa Cruz just now taking a nap after some meetings today.  I was one my stomach and sleeping into my bagtowel in a deep REM bender.  My body was pointing straight at the shore break like a weathervane in the wind.  I heard the people around me reacting more animatedly to the waves and the crash started getting louder.  I woke up after the next loud shorebreak and no less than ten yards away was the water sprinting towards us.  I sprang up, with my right hand I grabbed by BT and left hand grabbed my shoes and other beach-nap essentials I will pass to mention.  I turned around and jogged to avoid the wave but it was useless.  The wave was a phantom [EXPLICIT]-you that reached the street, getting people soaked along the way while gobbling everything that lay on the ground.  I heard people lost their cell phones, their keys and maybe a little dog was lost to the wave's gravitational pull as well.  Did I lose anything?  [EXPLICIT], NO!  I had my two phones and keys in the zipper pocket of my BagTowel that is actually money as a pillow, also.

Thanks guys.  You saved my life and you didn't even know it.


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