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When did you learn to surf?

Captain: My first surfing experience was at the old Redondo breakwater in southern California. Most of my early surfing was done on the east coast, but as soon as I could I packed my life up and moved to Hawai'i     

Heather: I first learned to surf in Waikiki. I got a really late start to actually surfing because I spent most of my younger years diving, but once I hit Oahu, I knew I needed to surf!!

Where are you from originally?

Captain: I am originally from the East Coast, mostly Washington DC area. 

Heather: I am originally from Southern California living from LA to San Diego.

What is it like performing together?

Captain: I think we are super fortunate to be able to make a life together as best friend, business partners, husband and wife and fellow artists. Its really the dream to get ready for shows together, collaborate ideas in the studio and spend our days together at home or on the road.

Heather: It is so nice to be able to work with Chris, some days we are in separate studios for the majority of the time but at the end of the day we both get to check out what each other did and its just so fun to see where each of our minds go each day, sometimes on the same track, sometimes n different universes. I would;t give up this type of working situation for anything!

We've heard your songs, tell us what is the inspiration behind your music? (Together)

Heather: We were on a long Month+ tour a year or so ago and on tour we spend lots of down time together (totally down time, like waiting in "greenrooms" for hours on end, etc) so we are always coming up with ideas (most of the totally ludicrous and silly just to make us laugh more!) and the idea came of a fictional band of birds (characters I love to paint) called Bird Party. SO we started to think of the characters first, their personalities, their likes and dislike, their instruments of choice, etc) Chris always has an instrument of some sort on him and he started writing the first songs right then and there.     

Captain: Yes! I have been playing music in bands since I was in like 5th grade or something, always messing with instruments (mostly toy) and recording so this idea totally sang to me! The music is totally inspired by our lives together, the places we travel and Heather's super happy creations.


Tell us, who is 'The Captain'?

While many believe that The Captain was been born at sea, ".... I remember this one day fishing out at the buoy and seeing what I thought was a torpedo baby flying through the water, but just guessed it was all the rum I had consumed since the fish weren't biting" Capt. Skeets McGee reckons while sipping a Zombie at the local watering hole.  It is said that he was discovered by a small family that was vacationing and found this "torpedo" washed up on the beach just as they were heading to the airport to go home. Once they arrived home they noticed something very different about this torpedo boy they had found so they quickly abandoned him at the doorstep of a missile silo somewhere northwest of area 51.  

The Captain was then raised by an adorable family of aliens who aptly named him "Captain" as they figured he must have been some high ranking alien to land directly on their very secretive doorstep, "Well on that day, we were just enjoying a nice game of human chess when we heard the doorbell ring (we didn't even know we had a doorbell!) and right there was the most beautiful alien we had ever seen and when you looked into his eyes, you could tell he was the Captain.........years later, we still have no idea what he could possibly be a captain of though....." The Captain's Anonymous Alien Father writes in his tell all book "Why Am I not Famous, I am an Alien!"

Once his teeth got sharpened from eating discarded parts from UFO's that did not exist, he was cast into the desert with only a Velzy 422 surfboard (which the aliens originally though may be a discarded spaceship), a pair of roller skates with steel wheels, a pair of wayfarer sunglasses, a bitchin Hawaiian print shirt, a pair of Birdwells and a stringless ukulele.

While some would find solice in descending into fetal position until border patrol came to pick them up and feed them burritos and churros, The Captain saw this as his first adventure in what would become a string of life changing events spanning around the globe and possible the universe if you speak to him on the right day.


Through the years The Captain could be found gracing the stage behind Mick and the stones, dropping into third reef pipe on hand shaped finless wood planks, skateboarding through the dirt streets of Cambodia all the while handshaping the finest surf craft, skateboards, and toothpicks. Lucky for the galactic colonies, he now resides on the seven mile miracle of the North Shore of Oahu farming facial hair and on special days we find him behind the hand planes covered in dust and nougat making odd new creations for you to enjoi! 

How did you get started with your work and music?

Heather: I have been creating art since I was a child. I come from a family of artists and artisans and we never played video games or anything like that really, so I spent my time taking in my surroundings and trying to recreate it in the way that my mind wanted to see it. I worked tons of jobs in my adult life though as dive masters, boat captains, met, waitress, etc until I finally took the leap in about 2000 to try and be a full time artist.         

Captain:  I have been playing music since the first guitar my mom bought me for Christmas when I was about 6 or 7 (I wanted to be Angus Young from AC/DC) I always had a deep love for art but also very self conscious. Because of that I decided to go more the artisan path, building boarts, furniture, surfboard, skateboards, etc. One day Heather came in my studio and saw a fe "art" pieces I had made with all the extra reclaimed wood that I would make her frames and things with and she was really complimentary of them so I brought them to a shop that sold my skateboards and hung them on the wall and they sold!! From there, I dropped self conscious and just try to create something everyday (whether you like it or not! ha ha)

Where do you draw your inspiration for your art? 

Heather: Hawai'i is my biggest inspiration for sure! But the more beautiful places I see, the more inspiration creeps in. We were just in Australia for a couple of weeks and I was totally inspired. For the most part, Nature is my main inspiration in every way shape and form.     

Captain: I am inspired by shape and form in everything, manmade or natural. I like taking the lines that I see with my eyes and transforming them to the lines my mind sees. This is true for me in music and my visual art.


Trip you've been on:   Heather: Byron Bay Australia   Captain: The Maldives

Way to travel:  Heather: Car   Captain: RV or train

Saying: Heather: Take it Easy   Captain: Aloha Nui Loa

Least Favorites:

Activity:  Heather: flying   Captain: Flying 

Drink:  Heather: Noni Juice     Captain: raw eggs

Where do you live now?  

Airports! ha ha we split our time when we are not on the road (we are not he road about 6-8 months a year) between the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and Telluride Colorado for snowboard season.

Is it RAD? Why / Why Not? 

Heather: It is!! We are able to live out our dreams! Sometimes we think its not because of the workload that it takes, but then we quickly realize that the work is what is most rad!    

Captain: Life is rad, every minute, every day. We are truly blessed to be doing the things we want to in the places we love. Rad is proof that lots of hard work, love and dedication can put you in the right places for your life

Any other projects we should check out?

TheCaptainSurfs.com, HeatherBrownArt.com      

We are always working on new projects and fun things! Heather just finished her second season of snowboard design and graphics for Elan Snowboards. The Captain is currently working with a few different filmmakers for soundtrack work for upcoming releases as well as his upcoming solo album. And we really are looking forward to a huge El Nino year for surf and snow!! Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa for thinking of us for this killer blog!









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What a power couple of rad! Great artist and even better folks!

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