Dance Party: Arts District + Breakbot

Welcome to Dance Party. Aptly named; a new series to highlight songs that make us want to have a dance party. If you have a song that makes your legs and arms move involuntarily, send it over...please. 


We'll start by complaining about the day and how hard everything was. This helps set everyone in a terrible mood. We want you to be as mentally and physically exhausted as we were before the tune swoons you away and completely changes your perspective. 

Sitting in traffic and headed downtown, I realized not only that the air conditioning in our transporter does not work but also that my seat heater had somehow turned on. Already sweating, things got worse. We still had another twenty minutes or so to get to our destination and I was in bad shape. Roberto rode in the backseat and kept conversation going to distract all of us from the traffic, heat and seemingly endless mission we were on. 

So we arrive at our destination to meet Jorge. Jorge is the lead seamster at Urban Barrels. He's a man of God and a true legend. Jorge is running 20 minutes late so we park in the shade and wait to see his Subaru roll down the street. All of the sudden a lifted truck pulls up next to us and stops weirdly close to our car; window to window. The driver proclaims, "Hey, you guys want some high-end stereo equipment, our supplier over-shipped us!" We were dead silent, confused and too sweaty for human interaction. "Hey, we have all of this equipment. Do you want something?" Ok, good job guys, we're interested. It sounds like these guys want to give us some free stuff. Whelp, nothing in this world is free. We get out of the car and all of the sudden "free" turns into a quick $1,000. Pass. 

So we shrug the hustlers off, mention the weird vibe and continue to wait for Jorge. Moments later the guy in the passenger seat of the truck hurries past us saying, "The Fed's are coming, they locked us in their garage." What is going on?! Just in time, Jorge calls and let's us know he is waiting for us. We swiftly get out of there to avoid whatever was and about to happen.  

The meeting with Jorge was great. The day is looking up for us. The new Spring collection of BagTowels are well underway.  He updates us on the other new things we're launching this Spring since we last saw him a few days ago. Jorge is happy and we are too. A quick group photo (below) and we are on our way. 

A late lunch and meeting re-cap of the day was in order so we sat down at a new spot in the Arts District called The Springs LA. As a surprise, The Springs serves a completely vegan and gluten-free menu. Different but adaptable for the situation. We order the Taco Salad and come to find this awesome restaurant/venue has broken the code to make the most delicious salad of all-time. Finally feeling replenished, we realized we were short on our to-do list and still downtown with traffic heading west waiting for us. That's when it happened. THE DANCE PARTY.

We were all shaking our feet, clicking silverware against the porcelain bowls and happy as we had been all day. "What is this?!" A quick tap on of an app and we were back to the secret dance party going off in our heads. 



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