Purveyor of RAD #0016 - Chris Burkard

Interview with Chris Burkard - Purveyor of RAD #0016

We first met Chris through our good buddy DBOB who at the time was working with Chris in Central California. It was a quick introduction as he was packing his gear, getting ready for a trip to Iceland. Yes, Iceland! Chris has traveled all over the world to some of the most remote locations photographing each moment. Fast forward to today, Chris took the time to talk with us about his photography and some exciting projects he is working on this year. His photographs speak for themselves. Do not be surprised if after reading this interview, you are booking a weekend adventure with your friends. 


You’ve been hopping around the globe shooting some epic places lately. What are you up to right now?

It's been sweet! Currently I'm back in California doing some personal work including my children's book called "the boy who spoke to the earth" : http://www.dreamlingbooks.com/

Tell us about your experience winning the Follow The Light Award in 2006. How did this impact your path to success?

Winning the follow the light award was my first big recognition and my first break into the surf photography world. The grant provided funds for me to produce my book "California Surf Project". The prize money funded the trip and the publication of the book. It was my first big passion project and was a big stepping stone to goals a photographer talking me from someone who was just taking pictures to someone who published books.

It seems like you’re always mixing up your work. Is there anything you’re working on now you are especially stoked on?

My children's book at my upcoming TED Talk.

Looking back on all of your travels to some of the most remote places in the world what draws you to taking time and shooting closer to home (Central Coast).

Though I've traveled all over the globe, California is one of the most incredible places. We have forests, snowy mountains, miles of coastline, deserts, and all sorts of crazy environments in one accessible area. California has some of the best national parks, and even the state parks are super rad. There's so much to explore in California, and plenty to photograph.

For an aspiring photographer, how important would you say style and creating a social media presence is to success?

To me it's absolutely one of the most important things to dial in on a style. Creating your own unique style allows people to view your photos and recognize your work. For me, one of the biggest compliments is when someone sees one of my photos and recognizes that I took it. Social Media has been huge for me, and actually most of my clients come from social media. For me, it's important to stay on top of social media. It's really a great way to share your work with a vast audience all over the globe.

What was it like first time you climbed down the slotted canyons in

It was an incredible experience. It was unlike anything I'd ever been in. It was one of the few places that felt completely untouched for how popular it is. Every winter, the water comes and washes any evidence of humans away. Essentially the place is baptized by nature every year. It gives you the feeling like you are the first person to ever explore it.

Any stories from Zion that stand out?

I think that the craziest thing was trying to cram as much as possible into only 2 days. For example we ran  "the subway" which can take 10 hours going at a normal leisurely photographer's pace.

Down in the Zion depths, do you ever feel like you’re slotted in a massive Urban Barrel?

Definitely the closest thing to it.

What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

Probably my children's book and my TED Talk on March 19th in Vancouver


Place to Vacation: Iceland

Book: Monkey Wrench Game

Saying: "Stoked"

Least favorites:

Type of transportation: Airplane

Food: Pork

Saying: YOLO


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