The BagTowel Saved My Job

The KegLowski bought a bagtowel and this is his story.

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"My first rotation as a fourth year medical student was an extremely labor intensive cardio-thoracic surgery elective, which was led by the Chief of Surgery for the whole department.  A normal day was spent bouncing back and forth between 3 different operating rooms; assisting with the opening and closing of the operative field, an absolute thrill for an aspiring surgeon, as well as managing the patients on the floor.  Every 4th day I would take night call which entailed staying at the hospital overnight and scrubbing into any urgent cases that occurred between 1900 and 0700. 

One Wednesday on call sticks out in particular for me, and it involves the bag towel.  I had never thought to bring it as a bag to work in the past, but for some reason I decided to use it on this day as a way of carrying my various diet, caffeinated beverages as well as my clothes for clinic the following morning when I was post call.  It was going to be rough 30 hours, but I had done it before and knew I could do it again.  My 0700-1900 shift was unremarkable, got to throw a couple hundred stitches, close some sternums, the usual…Then the night started.  Something super convenient about aortic dissections is that they religiously dissect at around 0200.  Surgically repairing an aortic dissection is time sensitive, long, and really fucking bloody.  That Wednesday, now Thursday morning, was no exception.  Like clockwork one wheeled through the doors at 0230.  I had to check into clinic and be uber presentable around the Chief at 0700, so when I left the OR after this dissection repair at 0630 looking like an extra from total recall, I was a tad pressed for time.  Towels are a HOT commodity in the locker rooms and by the grace of a higher power, instead of trying to slip into my professional clinic attire soaking wet, or air drying and being late, I HAD BROUGHT THAT BAG TOWEL!!!  I was able to dry off super quick, throw on my slacks, tie, white coat, and absolutely dominate clinic in front of the Big Boss who was fully aware of what I had been through the night before.  He even mentioned how put together, alert, and professional I was able to carry myself.  Had it not been for that bag towel I would have shown up looking sweatier than Robert Downey Jr. 1999 at the viper room leaving a much less desirable impression on my surgical mentors.  Coming through in the clutch speaks volumes for me…and that bag towel did just that.  Muchas Gracias."

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