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Colin Nearman is a truly radical human being. Bonus, he takes some pretty amazing photographs that wan't to make us toss the computer off the balcony and get out in the wild. We caught up with Colin to chat about his scene on the central coast, stuff he likes and some upcoming projects. Give him a follow on that instagram app if you want to adventure-up your feed. 

Where are you from Originally?

I was born outside of LA, and moved to Arroyo Grande when I was about 4 years old. 

Where did you draw your inspiration for photography?

From surfing and the friends I grew up with.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world tomorrow where and who would you go with and why?

Id go wander New Zealand because of its raw and beautiful landscape and surf. Id bring my mom (because she deserves it more than I) any friend of her choice, my brother, my buddy and ripper Matt Wahl, the whole crew of Its always sunny in Philadelphia and Keira Knightley.

What do you like most about shooting the Central Coast?

The fact that I can make a quick and soulful drive to a beach that isn't filled with 100 other photographers, and still get epic surf. Its always a search, but I think the time you spend searching has a lot of personal value when you look back on each swell you chased.

What is the longest period you have gone without being in the ocean?

This ones actually current hah. I was out with an ankle injury for four months, Just got back in the water February, and then this last sunday I fractured my wrist. All said and done its going to be about a 6 month period out of the water. 

What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

Injuries to be healed and surfing my brains out once they are. 


Places to take photos:

Its not a secret, but I can't tell you. My second favorite place is the land surrounding Lopez Lake.

Type of Music:

Whale Noises


"If you don't chew big red then f**k you" -Ricky Bobby

Least Favorites

Type of Food:

clam chowder


Any 5 word sentence humans started abbreviating 

Where do you live now?

San Luis Obispo, CA

Is it RAD? Why or Why not?

San Luis county is most definitely rad. It's better explored than explained. Come visit if you ever have the chance! 

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