Purveyor of RAD #0018: Richard Hodder

Purveyor of RAD #0018: Richard Hodder

Location: New Zealand.

Interests: Travel, Photography, Nature, and Adventure.

Richard Hodder plays tricks on his camera and sedates us into complete mind barrels when we visit his photography. Hodder lives in New Zealand, where he naturally draws much inspiration for his photography and adventure. We had the opportunity to chat him Hodder about his photography, experiences traveling, and a look into some future projects.


"What is your go-to equipment on your adventures?  Camera, Water, Coffee, Knife. In that order" (Richard Hodder).

 Where are you from? I grew up in Auckland, NZ. But I often feel like I’m from the Coromandel as that's where I feel most at home.

When did you get into photography?  I first picked up a camera the year after I left high school 2004 but I wouldn’t say I actually got into photography until 2010 when I went traveling. I made a little blog to share with my friends while I was away and was always trying to improve on the photos I was taking. I shot a lot of black and white photos where I would put my hand in front of the lens to trick my camera to think it was darker than it was so it would overexpose images.  This is one of my early travel photos from 2010 as shot (unedited) using this technique. In 2013 I bought a DSLR and a water housing and since then I have always enjoyed taking my camera for swims and documenting adventures.  

What is your go-to equipment on your adventures?  Camera, Water, Coffee, Knife. In that order. 

How has NZ inspired you? It doesn’t matter where you end up - somehow whoever you meet knows someone you know it seems. Connecting with people and sharing memories is what really inspires me. It helps that everywhere you look also seems to present itself as a photo opportunity too. 

A lot of your pictures and adventures seem to involve a salty environment. How has the ocean inspired you? Totally, thanks for noticing! I have always had a fond affection towards the ocean as it always reminds me of weekends and fun times spent with friends. So its even better if an adventure leads me to the ocean.  Recently however I have been getting the same feelings towards the mountains, lakes and rivers too, its almost like any activity spent outdoors now gets me amped or excited.

Tell us about a time an adventure got a little sketchy or scary?  Its not really an adventure if your in your comfort zone the whole time. I was walking out to a waterfall near home recently when I came across a dog on the track that started barking at me. It must have been someones hunting dog that may have been lost but I wasn’t sure. All I know is that it looked hungry. Eventually it ran back into the bush but for a moment there my heart was in my throat.

On April 11, 2015 you posted a photo on your instagram account of an insane right-hand point break. I'm assuming this was in NZ. Can we go there right now? Tell us about that dream spot. Of course you can go there. But it won’t be like that photo. I’m sure of it. Theres lots of spots in NZ that don’t get the prevailing swell… so when an abnormal swell arrives like a cyclone from the north its common to find plenty of novelty spots. I’m not one to give away names for spots. It gets massively crowded with a local community of surfers as it is so its probably not worth getting your hopes up as there will be no waves left empty here when its on. 

You've had some amazing adventures. Where is one place you can't wait to explore with your lens?  I can’t wait to travel again now with my camera, I’m always looking forward to what's next and right now I have Canada on my radar, but also Northern Europe but it really doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are endless. 

Who or what are your best travel companions? I used to like the idea of traveling alone. Being able to make decisions entirely based on what you want to do always appealed to me. But I’ve worked out recently that really love traveling with people and sharing experiences. The best travel buddies are low maintenance, they love trying new things. They are tough, and can handle it if the weather goes bad and they are not too serious!! When they get the feeling that a trip is going to be too hard or a challenge they try even harder to make sure it goes ahead. I have a friend Chris Dunn who i’m sure would be everyones ideal travel companion. An absolute legend!

What are some ways you connect with the great outdoors when you can't get out there? I have some friends that have some funny ideas about ways they connect with the great outdoors, but I’m not sure if they are serious or not. Kinda weird stuff that I don’t want to repeat. I think I’m a bit more straight edge maybe! I like walking barefoot wherever possible even if I’m in the city, the supermarket etc… but I guess I draw the line if I’m going out to dinner… I don’t like causing too much of a stir. Making my own coffee via a little pour over filter setup also brings back those memories of making coffee at the door of my tent. For sure one of my most favourite rituals of the past six months.

Any exciting projects we can check out that you've work on in the past? I have mainly been doing social media projects over the last year with a few more opportunities to have content run in print media also starting to present themselves which is awesome. I’m really enjoying the opportunity to have photos printed where as before it didn’t seem like such a priority.  One of my favorite initiatives so far that I have been apart of has been via the Corona Journey Platform via their website/blog. I did a surf trip where I walked up the west coast of Auckland with my friend Chris Dunn (the ultimate adventure buddy) if you want to see the content please feel free to check it out! http://www.corona.co.nz/2015/02/corona-journey-no-20-west-coast-of-new-zealand-by-richard-hodder/


Any exciting projects you can tell us about you have coming up? I’m on the look out for my next project which I hope will include photography, some adventures and traveling. Currently I’m doing a trip to the #fourcornersofnz which has been a 3 month long personal project and its nearing the end of gathering content and the travel aspect. I’m planning on having a little gallery and displaying some images from the trip and also printing a little zine in its memory also. Its been shot in a very candid style. Just based on whatever was happening around me at the time. So sorting that out will keep me out of trouble for the next two months anyway. Maybe after that Ill be off to Switzerland to see my sister who lives in Zurich before going to Canada for a bit but at the moment its a little up in the air as far as specific plans go and I really like that. The feeling of constant change and a lack of routine is really suiting me at the moment so I’m going to run with it for as I can!




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