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Bogliasco is a small town in Northern Italy. Known for its Pesto Genevese and cold water, short period, Mediterranean swells. Nostrom Collective is a community of young surfers in Northern Italy chasing swells and living the dolce vita. Here is an interview with Marco, one of the founders of the community. Enjoy! 

What is Nostrum Collective?

NC is a team of friends who wanna share pictures about the sea and more often
about waves.

Where are you from?

We are from Bogliasco, a little town close to Genoa in North Italy, where the firsts
steps of the italian surf moved in the last ’70.

Where do you live now?

Still here. We love this place.

Who are the 'Amici' behind this project?

Basically we are 4 : Nicolò “Ozzy” , Marco “ point” , Marco “wolf”, Matteo “theatre”.
( Everybody here in the line up has a nickname!)

What inspired this photo project?

This photo project is inspired from the great archive of pics taken in the last years
and the absence on the net in Italy of a site where to put an entire photo session
about a swell or just a surf session without any connection with brands or
sponsored athletes but just to show your photographic vision and show it in high
resolution and no photo marks on our own site.
That’s it: this our sea , these are ours waves ! check it!

Tell us about the surf culture in Italy.

It’s hard to describe.
The most important aspect of surfing in Italy is determination and perseverance;
we don’t have massive swell and usually not a good fetch and so we have to be
ready to surf every kind of wave in every climatic condition.

What do you guys do when the waves are flat?

We live the sea on other way otherwise we live the nature and the mountains
around Genoa and we drink ours wines!

Tell us about the surf culture in Bogliasco.

We live and we surf where the Italian surf is born and where the first surfers ( the
Fracas brothers ) moved the firsts steps; here the surf scene is still genuine as
then. In the last years everyone of our crew developed his own personal style through from classic to ciocca le manovre style!

Can you describe your ideal beach/surf day at home?

Winter time . very cold.the right sand bank. nobody in the water except friends .3
foots waves .we don’t ask more to our little home spot..

What is the best surf trip you have been on?

Morocco, Indonesia, Portugal

What is next for Nostrum?

The project is still growing. For sure we are thinking to involve other photographers we met during these years and do just what we love.

A few of your favorites:

Place to have a coffee ­

At home , just wake up for breakfast and everywhere on the sea, coffee need sea
breeze to be perfect.

Place to take photos ­

Where the waves and the light are one.

Transportation ­

Everything with friends.

Wave ­

Varazze and secret rivermouth.

Saying ­

Ciocca Le Manovre!

Least Favorites

Time of year

Winter :good waves and no crowd

Type of Food

Mediterranean food , pasta al pesto, focaccia!!

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