U/B Adventure: South Swells at Leo | Malibu, Ca.

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What started as an afternoon adventure just up the coast quickly turned into an over-night camp out among new and old friends. Evelyn was introduced to us through a friend of a friend as a "really nice human and really great surfer". We try to surround ourselves with both of those qualities so, we invited her to join us for this casual adventure up the coast. Before long it was, "Hey Evy, what's the deal with baby seagulls? How come we never see them on the beach?" We thought she had all of the answers. 

Aside from having some great people to test our product lines, we also had a few legendary friends and cameramen mapping the adventure. Eric Locko was behind the lens shooting the images below. He's been with us since we first talked about sewing towels into backpacks. Urban Barrels Ambassador, Joe O'Brien, shot and edited a Pack Your BagTowel  short meant to share the experience of being a surf and water photographer. 

Pack Your BagTowel | Episode 3 | Water Photography Joe O'Brien


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