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Somewhere in the American Dream script is something about being a family man. Well, Andy Earl is just that and much more. Check out this iconic dude, a humble family man with some rad advice and adventures. 
What do you do? Tell us about your work.
I currently work at Goal Zero, a portable power company, running social media, creative writing and in-house photography. I also do photo and art work on the side.
Where do you get your inspiration. 
There have been a lot of people and places that have inspired me along the way. It is probably way too long of a list to share here, but for the most part my family is my biggest inspiration. My wife and I lost our little girl almost two years ago and now we have a 3 month old son. My wife and two kids have changed my life in so many ways, they make me want to be better and to do better. 
Why do you like the mountains?
I think wild places evoke a feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself. They tend to put life in perspective by reminding you how little you are and how any problem you might have will soon pass. It is humbling to be somewhere beautiful doing something that you love and know that the mountain has been there long before you and will remain long after you're gone. 
Interesting fact about you?
I can't put my palms toward the ceiling. I can barely turn both hands beyond a handshake. We built a really awesome motorcycle jump when I was 14. The only problem was that we didn't really know much about jump building. I shattered my right wrist and broke both bones in my left arm. Now holding change or a handful of M&M's how everyone else does doesn't really work. I have figured out a few tricks though so I actually hardly notice it. 
Tell us about an aha moment?
An aha moment eh? I think probably the biggest aha was when I realized I don't have to wait for other people to show me how to do things. It is important to seek out guidance, but the biggest hurdle to starting anything is actually just starting. If I have wanted to get into anything, I just buy the equipment and find ways to make it happen. 
band- I pretty much like everything. My wife is becoming a Bieber fan all of the sudden and she normally picks what we listen to, so I guess I listen to a lot of that right now.
food- I guess I am still 12 because the first thing that came to mind was Pizza.... Now I am thinking about Ninja Turtles and their influence on my younger self. They just made pizza look so good on that cartoon....
story- Not sure if you're asking about books, I don't have a favorite if so. My favorite is usually what I am reading at the time. I try to listen to a lot of audio books when I am driving around to take photos. History stuff is usually what I go for. 
If you could have a beer with one person who would it be and why?
Anybody really. I really enjoy stories and story telling and I believe that everyone has a story worth hearing. Humans are all pretty weird, so I am sure there will never be a short supply of interesting stories. 
What's your spirit animal?
I will let you know when I meet it. 
What's next for Andy?
I hope to keep pursuing photography and art as much as possible. There's also a lot of the world that I haven't seen, I will work on that. 
What's the dream?
To not get caught up in the belief that I am not already living the dream. 
When you polar plunge, do you think about it or just go for it?
Thinking when you're doing something stupid always makes the stupid thing you're doing worse. 

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