2013 Nike Open Water Water Polo Tournament

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As summer solstice is upon us I have realized that growing up I never really had the chance to attend summer camps. I guess it wasn't until last year when I realized what great opportunity summer water polo camps provide young athletes.

In one month due time, hundreds of kids from all over the country will be traveling to Sweet Home, Oregon for the raddest summer water polo tournament on planet earth. Why do I say this? firstly, If you were one of those kids or parents involved at last years 1st annual, the you know exactly why. In case you missed out, Lets start with the Location.                                              

 Nestled in the foothills of the pristine Cascade Mountains, Dozens of high school water polo clubs will be playing in a Water Polo tournament on the Lake. Surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife these athletes will soon experience how fun playing polo on the lake is. On the shore of Foster Lake, team will be competing in a unique 2 course Lakeside Water Polo Arena. Foster Lake is located about 2 hours from Portland. Oregon is a true hidden gem many of us have yet to discover. The place is a total playground for anyone into the outdoors. Between beautiful lakes, subterranean rivers, rural hiking trails, and tranquil camp sites this place has something to offer everyone.


Location aside, lets talk about Competition. Boys and Girls in two age groups (16's and 18's) will be competing in a three day tournament on the lake. All of these club are traveling to Oregon to prepare for the upcoming high school season and build the future of their respected programs. During the tournament, Performance Water Polo will be hosting camps for each team. Working on individual skills for these athletes as well as overall tactics to help build a championship team.

If your not emailing to get your team entered for next summer yet then let me tell you about the most unique part of the whole tournament. The vibes. The set up is truly unreal. All the teams camp out in a designated state park located walking distance to the lake side courses. Teams will arrive a day early to set up camp and secure their spot in the campground. In the morning, volunteers and parents make breakfast for everyone (included in the team entry fee) and in the evenings kids and coaches hang out by the campfire. The days are full of water polo and hanging out by the lake enjoying the scene. The camp vibes offer the most valuable element to building a winning team...Team Bonding.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Lake!

Photos by Court Hayslett

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Stacey Flint

Last year was epic! I think this year will even top that!

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