South Bound

The idea sparked on a Tuesday afternoon.  The trip was planned, supplies were purchased and the van was packed before Wednesday rolled around.  It started as most adventures of this order do, "Dude, I've gotta get out of town."

If I had to put a theme or a tagline on this spur of the moment adventure, I would have to say "Somewhere in Mexico" is pretty fitting.  We had absolutely no idea where we were going except we knew that it was south of Los Estados Unidos.  So we got through the border, drove through Rosarito, and ended up at a beach that looked and felt exactly like the one we had just left behind at home.  The journey here however felt worth it at the moment.  We didnt know where we were going to get dinner, we were drinking $0.50 pacificos and LIFE WAS GOOD.

All around, we scored waves, had some laughs and some weird adventures along the way. 


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