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This guy searches for the best waves and has a Gilbo Baggins (name of his dog) T-shirt...enough said. One of our favorite questions here at Urban Barrels is who would you like to get a brew with, and quiet frankly Hunter Martinez might be my answer. Check out this rad interview.
Tell us about you?
I like finding good waves, I love dogs, and my middle name is Richard 
Where are you from?
Grew up in Pasadena, Ca, currently living in Ventura, Ca
Tell us about what you do?
I search around to the best waves I can find, seeing friends along the way, and I try document it all in a cool manor.
Favorite Childhood memory?
Almost drowning in a pool.
Ice Cream flavor- dark chocolate
Story- @andymiles snapchat story
Band- Lou Reed or Led Zeppelin, not really sure.
Movie- The Graduate
Non musical sound- car alarms or panting pups
If you could have a brew with one person who would it be? 
I would have a beer with Ricky from T.P.B.s
Do you have a favorite photo?
Old family photos are the best to me, I obviously like surf shots but, I really like seeing an old 90's photo of your family.
If you could spend a day anywhere where would it be and with who? 
Talking about surfing, I would go to this one beach break in California when its as good as it gets and I would go with one of my best friends.
What has been your favorite adventure?
I'd say the past three or four years of my life, its changed a lot.
When you are stressed where do you go and what do you do?
If the stress is really getting to me, I just go where my dogs are because they are the best homies.
Words to live by?
Live slow, die whenever- Justin Wright
Do you have a go to shirt?
No, not really, I have one shirt with Gilbo Baggins on it i really like, but anything with dogs is good for me.
What's next
Maybe a couple more road trips before summer, seeing some friends and making some friends. Then, hopefully things will go my way and get better from there

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