Dopper Brings Their Plastic Wave To Outside Lands in San Francisco


Dopper makes sustainable stylish water bottles while encouraging consumers to limit one time use water bottles. By drinking out of reusable bottles, we are limiting the amount of plastic waste that filters into our streets and oceans. cool right. Dopper ALSO makes an unbelievable plastic wave encouraging hundreds of people to get barreled. The Dopper bottles are designed by the Dutch, made in Holland, and promoted by barrel chasers. 

Having missed them by a week in Santa Barbara for this past years Earth Day, We are stoked to see this all-time Urban Barrel in action this weekend at Outside Lands in San Francisco.

Outside Lands is one of the largest music festivals to come to the city by the bay. If you are attending make sure to stop by the Dopper Plastic!






Photos from Dopper FB Page.


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