January in Santa Barbara | Les Morales

This winter has been all-time for surfers in California. There were literally waves everywhere. It seems like everyday we looked at the forecast, Santa Barbara was 5-8ft and good conditions. For us in Los Angeles, we tried to make it north but couldn't get past some not so hidden but pumping waves in North LA. Les Morales, didn't attempt to move an inch outside the Santa Barbara County this past January and we don't blame him. Here are 10 photos from ambassador and lensman Les to sum up this epic January in Santa Barbara. Enjoy and stay barreled. 

 Local Surf Photographer Matt Wier stoked after that barrel!

Known for his artistic award-winning filmmaking and imagery, Morgan Maassen is also an avid surfer and takes a few weeks off every January to enjoy some time in the water with friends and family. 


 Blair Conklin is one of the few guys I have seen handle a Catchsurf like a real fiberglass board.  Here’s him finding a little air section.

 Incredible sunset at Rincon.


 The best view in town.

Matty “Chunky Slabs” Pierce and Brandon Smith doing laps at sunset. 

 Sage Erickson all smiles during another beautiful sunset session.

 Matthew Hammond doesn’t need much size to rip on a wave.  Here’s a shot of him riding finless on his Exile Skimboard.

 Get in there!!

 The infamous split second before Dane Reynolds was burned this month.

Brandon Smith--one of the best backhand surfers in Santa Barbara sets one up.


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