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The first in our line of posts about people, brands, pets, inanimate objects and whatever else we love to follow on instagram.  We're especially excited to feature our good buddy DBOB in the inaugural post.  We asked him a few questions to pretend we cared about more than just his radical photos, check it out below. 

Find him on instagram @dbob


Where are you from? 

Portlandia, Oregon.  Lived there for the majority of my life except for the 5 years that I lived in Austin, Texas for college.  My second home.  That place rocks.  


If you could interview one person, who would it be? 

I'd love to talk to Yvon Chouinard.  His outlook and thirst for adventure are really inspiring.  



Trip you've been on: I went to Sri Lanka with two of my buddies to surf and explore the country for a month.  We got lost in it and it was unreal.  

Place to take photos: Anywhere in the ocean.  Mostly it's been California.  To be able to swim and take pictures allows me to fulfill two of my passions at once.  

Saying:Change is inevitable, progress is optional.  


Least Favorites:

Song:Anything that Flo, the progressive girl, sings.  Makes my ears bleed.  Bad songs come in waves but generally whatever the newest, pop-iest female artist song is painful yet secretly enjoyable.  (Gaga, Gomez, Miley).  

Type of transportation: Even the word scooter is a bummer.  Plus I broke my wrist riding one. Razor. Vespa's are cooler.   

Drink: I would probably say milk mixed with beer, also know as a "Clay Aiken".   I've tried it and surprisingly, they don't mix well.  


Where do you live now? 

Morro Bay, CA as of June 2013.  


Is it RAD? Why / Why Not?

It's an epic spot because it combines what I love about Oregon (natural beauty and hiking) and mixes in a little bit of California's classic offerings with endless beaches and sunshine.  There's a lot less people in the area which can be a good and a bad thing.   Good cause you can session some waves by yourself but bad cause you substitute girls in bikinis for Bakersfield weekend warriors dressed in the opposite of bikinis.  




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