Purveyor of RAD: Gabe Caswall

Where are you from?

I am from Imperial Beach, California.

Do you remember your first experience with the ocean?
Ive been attached to the ocean my whole life. I have so many fun memories of going to the beach with my entire family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. Everyone would post up on the north side of the pier and play volleyball all day while my cousins and I would mess around in the ocean. I didn't start surfing until later, but my fondest memories are definitely all the long hot summer days with my family!
When/how did you get really into taking pictures?
Becoming a photographer never seemed like it could actually happen until around 8th grade. I always liked cameras as a kid but I was only drawn to the bid expensive DSLR cameras. My moms friend had one and I always thought it was so sick because it looked like the professional cameras. I had no idea that my curiosity about cameras as a child would ever come back around. Other than than underlying curiosity, the real big motivation was when I broke my arm in 8th grade, right at the beginning of summer. My friend had just bought a new Canon T3 that we all thought was the sickest thing ever and I filmed all my friends. Kai Neville cam out with Dear Suburbia, a surf movie around the same time and motivated me to film a lot, and photography just went along with it.
Who are some of your favorite people to photograph in the water?
One of my favorite people to photograph would probably be Lucas Dirkse. He is from La Jolla and just kills it in the barrel. He always picks out the best ones and manages to get the shot every time. My first times shooting surfing in the water, he was out there and was really cool to me and helped me start shooting more around San Diego. Other than that, I love shooting any of my friends surfing or anyone who makes shooting fun and interesting!
Any trip coming up in 2017?
2017 has a lot of potential for me and Im really going to try to step it up this year and get serious. Im really trying to push myself to try harder and be more motivated and keep moving forward. Right now theres some possible trips, Puerto Rico with my buddy Noah Collins from LA is a maybe. Hopefully many more after that! Might try to get out to Australia for March as well.
What are you most looking forward to this year?
This year Im looking forward to new experiences, new opportunities, and meeting new people!
Where do you live now? is it RAD?
I live in Imperial Beach, its pretty cool little town to live in. I came home from Hawaii for Christmas and it seemed like construction sites popped up on every corner, which isn't so cool because its sad to see things change and the city trying to expand and invite more people in. Surfing isn't big here at all. The waters polluted a lot from the Tijuana River mouth, but the waves get fun a lot and theres tons of peaks for my friends and I to chose from. Its a cool little town and without it, I wouldn't be who or where I am today, so I guess it is pretty RAD!
Type of food : Sushi
Wave: Pipeline is insane to shoot, but realistically any beach break with lots of swell and offshore wind!
Song: Thats a tough one. I listen to so much different music. Lets say its Bad Kids - Def. Thats my friends band! Shoutout to Bad Kids!
Least Favorites
Drink: those green drinks everyone drink to be healthy. so nasty.
Way of getting around:  is the trolley by my house because it has a million stops and takes too long to get from place to place. Its like the Amtrak but 50mph slower.
Worst Airport: I've only been to a few, but Moscow airport in Russia sucks because it has no wifi !!
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