Purveyor of RAD: Johny Cook

We've been frothing on New Zealand for years. What better way to dive into the culture and the landscape than to sit down with a photographer that has captured moments from all over his native land. Here's our conversation with Johny Cook.
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Where are you currently?
New Zealand
Tell us about your most recent adventure.
My fiancée and I took out a month out to drive and live in our truck from Dunedin in the South Island to Auckland in the North Island. A highlight of it was meeting up with our friend and paddle boarding amongst icebergs.
Favorite Song?
Footloose - Kenny Loggins
Favorite Food?
Favorite Drink?
Ginger Beer
Favorite Saying?
Remember when
Tell us about your job. Describe your day-to-day.
I am a photographer and to be honest there is a lot of time spent on the phone and on the computer.
What inspired your recent adventure?
We didn't have much on an inspiration, it was really just get to New Zealand get the truck and see what happens. After doing the first road trip in the truck I then felt inspired to do it again after waking up to mountains out of the window or a stunning lake.
What kind of locations do you love shooting most?
A landscape where there is mountains and someone riding a sweet trail.
What inspires you and drives you as a photographer?
I am inspired by the locations I am in and have a need to capture it. It's always good to look back on photos and remember that certain moment in time. With a hobby that has turned into a job I wasn't sure if I would be as driven but its great and I am always excited about the next thing to shoot.
Is there a quote or a saying that you've heard that inspires you in your mission?
I heard someone say "Remember when...." once and think that it is definitely important to have those stories and adventures you can look back on.
Any exciting projects coming up? Tell us about it!
Being based in Dunedin there is lots of small trips coming up around the South Island which might entail paddle boarding, climbing, wakeboarding and biking. Keep an eye out!
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