Winter Waves with Les Morales

Last week, Santa Barbara lit up like a Christmas tree with close to perfect surf conditions.

We caught up with our good friend, Les who lives in Santa Barbara and is always frothing to the next level when west swell arrives at home. 

First question. Did you surf or shoot? 

Of course... Les immediately replied, BOTH!

"One of the best things about this swell was most of the spots were working... it was not massive but the wind and conditions were perfect"

Les leads a team of engineers at AppFolio, Santa Barbara tech company creating easy-to-use, cloud-based products. He took the day off on Wednesday to play in the pacific. 

"..the cove and river mouth was packed... I took a walk and checked the backside of Rincon, there was this really nice looking bowl that was pretty consistent and not too crowded. I was frothing to get in the water. I think I made the right call getting in there"

Super excited to share these images with you from Les Morales. Be sure to give him a follow. @Lesmophoto



Flashback to one of the best winters in Santa Barbara. Shot by Les.

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