Our Process

Sails to Stuff

At Urban Barrels we take old and unused sailboat sails and repurpose them into stuff. Totally unique, durable and radical stuff. With our recycling initiative, we save these beautiful fabrics from collecting dust in attics, or worse, ending up in our landfills. The products we create are inspired by the stories behind our sails.

 1. Saving The Sails

The sails come from a variety of harbors and sailors throughout California. Each sail has its own unique story of adventure.  The sail on your pocket tee may have only been used for short pleasure rides in Newport Beach, while the sail on your BagTowel crossed the Panama Canal.  The fabric is durable and water resistant, perfect for a second life as part of the BagTowel and other Urban Barrels apparel.

 2. Design Time

The wild color combinations on our sails make product design the most exciting part of the process. After the damaged area of the sail is cut out and set aside, our design team begins tracing and cutting the sails to the specifications of each product.

 3. Building The BagTowel

Urban Barrels proudly keeps all operations and manufacturing local in California. We work directly with our designers and sewing team to oversee every step of the production process. Quality, durability and sustainability are what inspire and drive our brand and story. 



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